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Information on Covid-19

Up to date information

For up to date information in regards to Covid-19 please see HSE and HPSC websites:

- HSE Information

- HPSC Information

Support Lines

Family Support Line - 045-480207

Reopening of Local Services

Information regarding re-opening of local services and supports will be available from the relevant service leader.

Please see the link below to the HSE / New Directions website for further information about the plans for reopening of days services.

- HSE/New Directions


For visitors who have recently travelled - Please consult the up to date information on the website before visiting KARE locations.

Persons from the following categories are requested not to visit:

  • Recent travel to affected areas
  • Contact with confirmed persons.
  • Are unwell and have fever or respiratory symptoms.

Confirmed Cases

Persons who have had a laboratory confirmed case of Covid-19 please advise Public Health if you have had any recent contact with persons from KARE.

Keeping Safe

Hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette are the main defence against Covid-19. We request that all Service users and visitors are encouraged to practice good hand hygiene and cough etiquette.