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About KARE

Voice for KARE

Voice for KARE provides a structure for people who use KARE’s Adult Supports to have their say in how KARE operates.

The Voice for KARE Committee works with people who use the service, staff and managers. It gives advise and support on KARE’s policies and Key Activities and helps them accessible for people who use the service.

The Committee is made up of 6 people from different areas and who use different parts of the service. It meets once a month. The Committee focus on organisational matters such as:

  • Working with Managers to make good plans for KARE.
  • Working with Key Activity owners to make sure the Key Activities are working well.
  • Helping make information and policies easy to read for everyone.
  • Giving Managers advice on how things are done in KARE and help them solve problems.
  • Bringing back information and new ideas from conferences and meetings.
  • Listening to local Voice for KARE Reps and make sure any issues they have are dealt with.
  • Giving information and support to Local Voice for KARE Reps.


Each local area has a Voice for KARE Rep. The Rep. works with people who use the Local Service and the staff and leaders and manager of their area. They attend a monthly Voice for KARE Reps meeting.