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Information about who KARE are and what we do can be found here. Click on the links below for more information

Freedom of Information - Information about Kare

Establishment of Organisation (click here)

Roles, responsibilities and functions (click here)

Governance / Management Arrangements (click here)

Corporate Plans and Strategies (
click here)

Annual Report (click here)

Organisation and Pay/Grading Structures:-

The most recent copy of the HSE Consolidated Pay Scales can be found click here.

Organisational Chart:-

Kare's organisational chart can be found click here.

Kare Locations (click here)

Details (click here)

Links to Agencies/Other Bodies under Kare's Remit:-

St. Anne's School (click here)

St Mark's School (click here)

Customer Charters (click here)

Codes of Practice or Guidelines (click here)


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