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Adult Clinical Supports Team

The Adult Clinical Support Team (CST) is a group of staff with highly specialised clinical skills and knowledge. We support adults who use Kare services. We believe clinical supports should equip people with disabilities to make their own choices and goals and to achieve those goals, to have influence over decisions that affect them and to be active and independent members of society. We aim to support the whole person. This means we strive to support the person in each aspect of their life. The team includes: · Occupational Therapy · Physiotherapy · Speech and Language Therapy · Nursing · Clinical Nurse Specialist in Mental Health and ID · Social Work · Behaviour Support · Clinical Psychology · Assistive Technology Officer Our work is underpinned by choice, rights, and consent. Our work is bound by the professional practices and ethics of CORU, as well as our relevant professional bodies.

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  Our Supports:

  · Nursing

  · Occupational Therapy

  · Physiotherapy

  · Speech and Language Therapy

  · Social Work

  · Behaviour Support

  · Clinical Psychology

  · Clinical Nurse Specialist

Young Adults Team

The Young Adults Team is a partnership initiative between KARE and the HSE.  The Young Adults team is a Clinical Supports team that supports young adults with complex needs upon leaving school. The team is currently based in Johnstown, Naas. 


The team comprises of an Occupational Therapist, Speech and Language Therapist, Psychologist, Social Worker, Behaviour Specialist, Physiotherapist, and Project Manager. The Young Adults Team aims to provide access to multidisciplinary support for individuals with complex needs upon leaving school. The team support individuals across organisations in CHO7 such as Saint John of Gods, Enable Ireland, National Learning Network, Stewarts Care, Cheeverstown, and WALK. The Young Adults team is set up in line with New Directions to promote a person-centered approach. We work collaboratively with the young person, their families, and day service providers to support full participation, belonging, relationships, inclusion, and self–determination for people with disabilities. We adopt an episodic care model of working, to support an individual to achieve their goal. If you have any queries about this team, or how you refer to the team, you can contact Audrey Collins, Team Manager for the Young Adults Team

Children's Disability Network Team

The Children’s Disability Network Team (CDNT) provide support and services to children and young people up to 18 years who have a disability and associated complex health needs.

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Our team is committed to supporting children and young peoples' development, wellbeing and participation in family and community life. The team members share their knowledge, information and skills with you and your family so you can support your child/young persons' development. This helps children and young people to develop, learn and take part in everyday activities. We are family centred and will work with you depending on your child's needs and the priorities agreed with you. This approach to team working is in line with evidence from international best practice.

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