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Kare (Promoting Inclusion for People with Intellectual Disabilities), is a Company Limited By Guarantee and a registered Charity in Ireland. Kare is also an Approved Housing Body.


Kare is signed up to and is compliant with the Charities Governance Code issued by the Charities Regulator. 

Kare is governed by an effective and diverse Board of Directors. They ensure that Kare is effective in working towards achieving our vision, and using our resources to maximum effect by upholding our values. A maximum of 12 Directors sit on the Board. Six of the Directors are family members of people we support.

Kare's Governance

Kare Strategic Plan 2021-2025

Our Strategic Plan 2021-2025 Inclusion-Innovation-Inspiration was launched at the 2021 AGM. It is an ambitious plan with three key strategic priorities. Read about our plans below.

Kare Strategic Plan


Kare Strategic Plan

2021-2025 (Easy Read)

Committees of the Board

Finance Audit Subcommittee

The Finance Audit Subcommittee oversee the financial management of the organisation and provide a level of assurance to the Board of Directors that there are appropriate and effective systems in place to cover all aspects of financial management and its promotion of good Corporate Governance.

Kare Annual Report

All our finances, including a detailed analysis of where funds are spent, is published in our Annual Reports available via the link below.

Our Financial Statements are audited and are prepared in accordance with Charities  Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP).

Our 2021 Annual Report was shortlisted for the Chartered Accountants Published Accounts Award and The Carmichael Good Governance award.

Kare Annual Report 2022

Kare Annual Report 2021

Kare Annual Reports


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