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The Young Adults Team (YAT) provides multidisciplinary support to young adults with complex needs when they leave school. 

YAT is a HSE initiative, operating in CHO7 organisations such as Enable Ireland, National Learning Network, Stewarts Care and WALK. 

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Our Team

YAT is a multidisciplinary team with a wide range of different skills and experience. This means we can provide tailored support that is suited to the needs of each individual and their family.

Occupational Therapist

Speech & Language Therapist


Social Worker





Who can access YAT services?

To access YAT, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old

  • Have left school in the last 3–5 years

  • Be able to provide clinical reports showing ‘complex needs’ 

  • Have a level of disability that cannot be met by a Primary Care Service and requires support from a multi-disciplinary team.

  • Be attending a day service, or living, within the CHO7 catchment area

  • Not be accessing supports from another clinical team (unless you are due to be discharged)

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