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Kare's Day Services

A Local Service is a place where many adults get supports.


People might go to the Local Service everyday Monday to Friday, or they may choose to go on a less regular basis.


They may get to the centre by walking, travelling on public transport, rural transport, family transport or transport organised by KARE.  

A Local Service provides a place to go to each weekday.  A planned structure to the day so that needs can be supported  Some choice over how the day is spent.  No control over who works in the Local Service, but the Leader will try to match staff to the interests and support needs of people  Support to learn to do things independently.  Transport to and from the Local Service if identified as needed.  Transport to activities during the day if identified as needed.  We believe it is important for people to have a good life.  We want to support people to make their life as fulfilling as possible. To do this we will help people:  to think about what is important to them in their lives  to figure out who can support them to do the things they need and want  agree what KARE can support people to do  People who use the Service are supported by the staff team to identify the supports they need and the things they want in their life through the Individualised Planning Process.   ​ Aim of the local service:  ​ To provide high quality supports to people who use the service in line with National Standards which improve quality of life for people supported.   Objectives  The statement of purpose is developed in line with the principles of the Interim Standards for Services and Supports for Adults with Disabilities.  ​ The principles are to:   -  Provide person-centred services and supports that are tailored to individual need   - Provide person-centred services and supports that promote community inclusion and active citizenship   -  Provide person-centred services and supports that promote independence and a good quality of life for people using them   -  Promote and uphold the equal rights of adults with disabilities   - Promote and improve the health and development of each person   -  Provide safe services and supports that promote positive risk management   -  Provide effective governance arrangements with clear leadership, management and lines of accountability   -  Plan and use resources effectively   -  Deliver responsive and consistent services based on evidence and good practice

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New Directions 


KARE are committed to providing services to people in Local service in line with ‘New Directions Interim standards’. The Interim Standards are based on the framework devised by the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA). 


New Directions proposes that ‘day services’ should take the form of individualised outcome-focussed supports to allow adults using those services to live a life of their choosing in accordance with their own wishes, needs and aspirations. There are 7 themes in the standards.  


The first three Themes which relate to quality and safety are: 

  •  Individualised Services and Supports 

  •  Effective Services and Supports 

  •  Safe Services and Supports 


Delivering improvements within these quality themes depends on services having 

capability and capacity in four keys areas, as outlined in the last 4 Themes in these 

interim standards: 

  •  Leadership, Governance and Management 

  • Responsive Workforce 

  •  Use of Resources 

  • Use of information 

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