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Local Training Initiative (LTI)

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Our funded LTI programme offers an accredited QQI Level 5 Major Award in Intellectual Disabilities Practice. 

We offer a range of mandatory and recommended training courses to ensure that graduates of the programme are fully job ready.

The practical skills gained through these additional training days are implemented immediately through work experience. This provides the programme participants with a distinct advantage when joining the workforce when seeking post-qualification employment.

Free funded training

The Major award QQI 5 in Intellectual Disabilities is fully funded by the Kildare and Wicklow Education and Training Board (KWETB) and includes the benefit of transferring to a training allowance if you are currently receiving a social welfare benefit. Applicants are open from everyone including school leavers, those who have been out of education and those looking to change their career path. 

This programme runs from October to September each year. On successful completion of this programme, participants will have achieved a QQI Level 5 Major Award in Intellectual Disability Practice.


The following QQI modules are completed as part of the programme:

  • Word Processing

  • Communications

  • Intellectual Disability Studies

  • Social Studies 

  • Empowering the Individual 

  • Facilitating Learning

  • Community Inclusion 

  • Work Experience 

Our course can be used as the foundation of an application to third level education. Many of our past students have pursued careers in nursing, play therapy and various social care roles.

LTI Contact Information

Contact Denise Kemmy and Lisa-Marie Murphy

Phone: 087 410 7016


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Expression of Interest LTI

QQI 5 Intellectual Disabilities

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LTI Testimonial

"I have secured a full time position at Kare, doing a job I absolutely love. I would recommend this programme to anyone who is interested in working with people with intellectual disabilities."


Tom McKenna - LTI Student 2019/2020

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