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Kare launches ME Month wellness programme for 2024

We are delighted to announce the launch of 'My Emotions (ME) Month' 2024, an innovative program of wellness events set to take place throughout February.

This is the second year that ME Month is running, following the success of the initiative in 2023. The programme aims to promote physical and mental wellbeing for people involved with Kare services.

During the month of February, activities will be offered to the people who use Kare services that focus on mental and physical wellbeing, including walks, mindfulness, interacting with animals and a range of workshops. Some of the activities will continue beyond February, such as Chair Yoga and potentially the dementia community café. 

The ME Month programme is built around the PERMA model. This means the activities aim to promote: Positive emotions, Engagement, and Relationships, and provide a sense of Meaning and a feeling of Achievement.  

This year we look forward to also promoting community inclusion by involving the community in events and having the events externally instead of exclusively within Kare's service settings.


The ME Month awards with take place at the closing ceremony event, including awards for the local service and individual who gets involved the most in ME Month, showing enthusiasm and commitment to the month’s activities. This year we will also have a special ‘Supporter of ME Month’ award for someone who has gone above and beyond for the month of February, supporting people to build upon their own PERMA model.  

We hope that Me Month will set the tone for a year of improved health and wellbeing for all involved.

To learn more, visit the Kare events website and watch the video below.


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